We bring excellence to your home

We distinguish and pride ourselves from the rest with the level of technical competencies and skills that enable us to take up any project. Our objectives are to combine all applicable problem-solving skills providing solutions that are functionally sound, economically feasible and practical, while maintaining a commensurate standard of technical excellence.


Solar Systems

Solar tube geysers come in high and low pressure and can either be complete units (with tank,
stand & tubes) or retrofit units (with manifold, stand & tubes). High pressure can take up to 6 bar pressure and low pressure up to 1 bar pressure. Warm water is always available by utilizing a grid, gas or generator backup and a timer or heat sensing unit like a geyser wise or Bosch gas kit. A typical geyser with a 3kW element can use over 4300 units of electricity (more that R7000)per year. This makes the payback on a system like this as short as 2 to 3 years. In commercial installations a large volume storage tank is utilized with pumps continually circulating the warm water through the system to ensure that water wastage is minimized by having warm water available the moment the tap is opened. Heat losses are minimized by insulating the tanks and piping as far as possible.

    Gas Systems 

All our installers are fully qualified, registered and extensively experienced, meaning you are guaranteed to get the quality results you need. We provide a complete service, installations – residential, commercial and industrial, servicing and maintenance, including all appliances, fireplaces and braai’s sales. We supply and deliver gas cylinders in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. We service all brands of gas appliance whether LP or Natural gas . We sell all brands and install for residential or commercial water heating requirement. Our consultants can advise you on the best solutions available.


Refrigeration & Air-conditioning

Specializes in a diverse range of services including supply, installation, repairs and maintenance of the following systems:


Supermarket (Freon) .Cold Rooms. Freezer Room . Glass Door .Cold Rooms .Glass Door Freezers. Blast Freezers .Colling Tanks. Under Bars. Beverage Coolers 

Ice machines:

Super Cuber. Gourmet Cube. Modular Economy Cuber .Super Dice Cube Flakers Super Flaker sIce Bins. We are not limited to the refrigeration installation only as all insulated paneling and AC ducting is installed by us as well

Residential air-conditioning

Mid Wall. Cassete . Ducted . Portable

Commercial Air Conditioning

Mid Wall. Cassete . Ducted. Under ceiling / Floor. Rooftop Package. Evaporative Cooling. Air Curtains




New Installations

  • Geyser installations and commissioning
  • Pressure Valves
  • Heat Pumps
  • Septic Tanks
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
  • Gutter Installations
  • Plumbing COC’s
  • Installation and maintenance on water supply lines and geysers
  • Geyser wise installations and solar systems


Emergency Services

  • 24/7 Emergency Callouts
  • Burst water pipes, geysers and geyser components.
  • Storm water drainage problems
  • Unblocking drains and drain cleaning.
  • Plumbing repairs and leak detection
  • Stripped or damaged faucets and tap


  • Free maintenance inspection
  • Annual maintenance budget projections
  • Maintenance of water supply lines and faucets
  • Fire line installations and maintenance
  • Subsoil pipes and groundwater disposal
  • CCTV camera inspection of drains
  • Leak detection
  • Balancing of water pressure and system optimization
  • High pressure drains cleaning. 
  • Boiler system services and installations
  • Grease fat trap cleaning